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This is Timothy Phan's new page. If you are looking for his blogs, look for a link under my webpages which goes to my blog. I decided to do this new technique because I found the amazing ability of PHP. Hence, I also got a new web provider. Having to edit the HTML file directly took too long and it was rather annoying. So I have decided to use a PHP blogging system, which will make it greatly more convineant for me to blog. Also, my new blog will be able to accept comments from anyone, which if I wish, I can delete. An email is not required and neither is your own webpage, feel free to post any comment. I also have a guestbook, check the webpages, for random guestbook additions. This will help me to keep production on my webpage and to keep it intact. Thank you for visiting.

About Me

I'm a sophomore in Clackamas High School located in Oregon. I'm useful with computers and technology. Things that I enjoy to do when I'm bored are using the computer, playing games, running, or reading a good story. The TV is no longer of any use to me.

About This Website

My purpose for this website is to provide me a place that I can use to place my various web documents and websites for any reason. These reasons may include homework, projects, or for the simple joy of it.

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