General Information

Here are some general information you should know about the Earth, Moon, and Sun to know other stuff.


- Revolve - To circle something.
- Orbit - One's destination.
- Rotate - To spin around.
- Axis - The vertical part of something that will never rotate and everything will rotate around it.
- Earth - You're planet.
- Moon - The shiny round thing in the sky.
- Sun - A big giant star which you see in the day time and provides light and heat.
- Solar System - The system of all of the planets, the sun, the moons, the asteroid belt, and Earth.
- Day - When the sun is shining.
- Night - When the sun isn't shining.


- Earth rotates on it's axis and takes 24 hours for a full rotate.
- Earth revolves around the Sun.
- It takes 365.24 days for Earth to rotate around the Sun.
- It's orbit around the Sun is in an ellipse (oval).
- Earth is tilted at 23.5 degree.
- Earth is a sphere.
- It's north axis always pointing to the North Star.
- Earth rotates counter-clockwise and orbits counter-clockwise.


- The Moon has no oxygen.
- No one lives on the moon.
- The Moon revolves around the Earth.
- The orbit of the Moon is tilted at 5.
- It's not made out of cheese.
- The Moon takes 28 days to rotate and 28 days to revolve around Earth.
- The Moon orbits and spins counter-clockwise.
- The Moon is a sphere.


- The Sun is actually a really big star.
- The Sun is in the center of the solar system.
- It's our provider of light and heat in the day.
- The Sun gives off Ultra Violet radiation.
- The Sun also gives off Gamma radiation.
- Never look at the sun with your eyes unless you want damaged eyes or if you have protection against Ultra Violet radiation.

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